Specialist data management practitioners

Little Oak is an independent, specialist data management company, with particular skills and experience in the health and community service sectors at the national level.

Little Oak

Pty Limited

ABN 63 092 107 125



Skills and experience

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Contact us

Email: info@littleoak.com.au

Mobile phone: 0412 063 024


Services available

We offer many services and skills, including:

  • Strategic planning for data management;

  • Evaluations and reviews of data collections and data projects;

  • Project management for database and data warehouse projects;

  • Workshop facilitation;

  • Database development and prototyping in Microsoft Access; and

  • Training and development, including mentoring and coaching, in database development and design techniques.


Values and commitment

Little Oak is committed to:

  • Helping to unlock the value of data in organisations;

  • Being friendly and easy to work with;

  • Understanding and assisting our clients;

  • Delivering a high-quality service and product;

  • Working to timetables and within budgets; and

  • Being independent and impartial in all of our work.